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Zambia - directory of Zambian Safari Operators and zambian safari destinations

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For tourists travelling to Zambia

ZAMBIA is a web-based directory of Zambian Safari Operators and associated trades. We provide a source of general information about each operator, where they are and what they offer in terms of accommodation, facilities and what type of activities they provide. Our aim is to increase awareness of ZAMBIA as a holiday destination and provide information on safari options available to tourists throughout the whole of Zambia.

Zambia is not a Travel Agency or Tour Operator. For bookings and itineraries or more information about safaris to Zambia please visit our parent company Nyanja Safaris.

For travel agents and tour operators selling Zambia

If there are any travel agents, tour organisers or journalists who would like to broaden their knowledge of Zambia, we will be happy to organise an educational trip for you, or ask us out about our regular Educationals to Zambia. We can help you with an itinerary. Please contact us for more information on how we can help you.

For Zambian Safari Operators and Associated trades

Zambia provides marketing and support services to Zambian Safari operators and associated trades. We list all reputable safari operators and associated trades in Zambia but only registered operators have their direct contact details and web site links included on their page.

The services we offer registered operators and associated trades are extensive and we are happy to provide a bespoke package according to your requirements.

Registered operators also recieve many benefits which could save you thousands of dollars every year. We are constantly looking for opportunities for our registered operators. Please contact us for more information on how we can help you.

For Jobs and investment opportunities within the Zambian Safari industry

We provide a central hub to connect Zambian Safari operators with potential partners and investors.

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