Bangweulu Wetlands

Bangweulu Wetlands

The place where the water meets the sky ‘, the sprawling Bangweulu floodplains seem to stretch forever into the horizon in Zambia’s remote Northern reaches.

In the dry season, as the flood waters recede, tens of thousands of endemic Black Lechwe roam the grassy plains.

In the rainy season, the vast plains flood, attracting flocks of migratory birds. This is a spectacular sight, with Pelicans, Storks, Cranes, Herons and over 370 other species of birds gathering, including the very rare Shoebill Stork. These wetlands are also one of the must visit ‘Birding’ locations in Zambia.

March and April offer an amazing watering wilderness for the adventurous with Shoebills often visible from camp! The main season is from May to August when Shoebills can usually be seen on canoe trips. September to November offer great birding (though maybe no Shoebill sightings) and the same amazing mammal spectacles.

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