Lower Zambezi


A short distance downstream from Lake Kariba, the Zambezi Valley fringed by rugged escarpment on one side and the Zambezi River on the other is a rich wildlife menagerie.

Attracted by lush flood plains, verdant woodlands and permanent water, elephants, buffalo and antelope move in vast herds. Lion, Leopard and Hyena seam plentiful and are nearly always seen by most visitors.

The lower Zambezi is a relatively new National Park, at 3000 sq.km, it was previously a Game Management Area and Private park to the then President Kenneth Kaunda.

The Lower Zambezi wilderness is unique, rapidly changing from open plains to Mopani Woodland, from scrub bush thickets to Palm groves with giant Baobab and Acacia trees. There has been 365 bird species recorded.

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