Nchila wildlife Reserve


Home to some of Africa’s most beautiful animals and birds in a nature reserve of stunning natural beauty, in the remote North West Province of Zambia.

Nchila is a reserve where antelope and game, originally indigenous to the area, have been carefully reintroduced, and are managed with conservation foremost in mind.

The bush camp of chalets is in virgin African bush, camouflaged by riverine and miombo woodland overlooking dambos and streams. Ornithologists, herpetologists, zoologists, and many other observers and lovers of the natural world are among its appreciative visitors.

Nchila Wildlife Reserve is privately owned and is part of Hillwood Farm situated in the remote North West Province of Zambia near the source of the Zambezi. With over 40km square of virgin African bush, fenced with local materials using local labour, Nchila is a reserve of stunning natural beauty.

By design, the local population are much involved at all levels, for Nchila is an attempt to “farm” Africa for Africans in an African way. The animals are all indigenous to the area, but have disappeared from the wild in recent years. The older generation have been thrilled to see their return.

Local footpaths go through the reserve area and these have been respected and maintained. Fencing started about 9 years ago and the area given over to game has steadily increased over the years. It now contains wooded, plain and swamp and riverine areas, all hosting different flora and fauna.

The Kalahari Sand which covers much of the western part of Africa south of the Equator has been eroded in the Mwinilunga district on the slopes.

The underlying rock, once exposed, mixes finer material with the sand. Some areas are waterlogged over an impervious substrate. These areas support a suffrutex savanna vegetation and provide areas of great natural beauty in the reserve.

Over 400 species of bird have been recorded in the area, many of which are found in the reserve. Because of Nchila’s unique selection of bird species, it has been declared an IBA (Important Bird Area) by Birdlife International.

Nchila has gained a reputation for rare antelope particularly. The animals are in superb condition at all times of the year. You will never want to see a zoo animal again once you have seen the coats of these animals!

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